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Air Fly Limited is RC model manufacturer specializing in the research&development of model aircraft warbird ,EDF and Glider.All of the products are with wonderful designs,reasonable structures,excellent perfomance,which have received very high reputation from customers over the world. 

The R&D staff have more 15 years experience in RC model aircraft development ,Air Fly model has an excellent development capability with its logical and efficient production mana…

  • 01 New product Foam turbine Jet(K60)

    Provide free home delivery service to customers.

  • 02 Credit guarantee

    We do not care about the immediate interests, more care about the long-term development

  • 03 After-sale service

    Help customers to install, train and track the usage of customer's products.

  • 04 Quality is guaranteed

    Factory equipment after a number of inspection and delivery.

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