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T-45 foamy turbine jet

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8~14kg (20.21~28.29b) turbine engine (not included)
Minimum 8 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for the receiver (not included)
1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for turbine engine ECU (not   included)
Battery balance charger and power supply (not included)
Engine gasoline/diesel/kerosene fuel (not included)
Wingspan:1500mm (59.1   in)
Length:1900mm   (74.7 in)
Flying Weight(Included 8kg turbine engine & 1600ml fuel):Approx.   9200g (20.2 lb)
Servo:5x25g   & 6x12g & 1x45g & 4x17g
Retract System:Servoless   metal retracts with E-brake wheels  
Brake Gyro:AG63
Main Fuel Tank:2x   1600cc (3.2 liter)
Header Fuel Tank:120cc   (0.12 liter)
Recommended Turbine Engine:8-10KG

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